Meet Mustang Ghost!

Ghost is an adorable jet black mustang gelding with two white legs and some white on his face! We are unsure of his age and his HMA of origin, but we hope to find out and update his story.

What we do know- Ghost was with his adopter for two years, and in those two years his adopter was only able to pet his face. Any time he tried to touch Ghost anywhere else he would bolt off. So, his adopter wanted to return him to the BLM and was going to heal him all the way back to Oklahoma.

Thankfully he contacted some mustang advocates instead and they reached out to us to see if we would be able to take him in and offer him a wild life. We gladly agreed and a few weeks later he arrived!

Ghost is a curious horse, and he will readily come up and sniff your head if you crouch down. He also loves treats! But, that is as much contact as he wants with humans, and that is okay with us! He is in the pen next to Charlie and they both get along very well. Charlie tends to lash out at many horse but he seems to like Ghost, so we look forward to turning them out together to live out their wild lives very soon!

Ghost is available for sponsorship HERE.