Meet the Owner

It was the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron, that sold me on horses. 

My father used to curse and exclaim that he should sue Dreamworks for turning me into a horse crazed girl because of all the time I costed him begging for him to take me to ride!

Fast forward 18 years, and here I am, just as horse-crazy as ever. Except now I have a plan... a plan to save as many mustangs from their dusty holding pen fate as possible.


Kourtney & Deets, saved from a kill pen by Evanescent Mustang Rescue and then adopted by Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary where he will live forever!



I can think of nothing better to devote my life to than providing the soul of the American West with a sacred space, an idyllic paradise: Nirvana. 

I was meditating one morning when I was struck with a sudden thought- I knew that I wanted to help horses, and I knew that I wanted to adopt mustangs from the BLM, and I knew that I wanted to train and re-home unwanted horses. I had never considered putting the three together until that "eureka!" moment!

This is the future of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary. This is the future of Mustangs.


My husband and I selected this property in Southwest Colorado in hopes that it will become a beacon for a new way- a new way we can treat our horses, our wildlife, our land, and our earth.

We will be bringing the first mustangs home in 2022, doing our best to help those truly in need, rewilding as many mustangs as we can, and training and adopting out the willing mustangs to approved and vetted homes where we will keep track of them for the duration of their lives. To learn more about out training processes, see our training blog.

Imagine: Blue mountain peaks in the distance, with rolling fields. The smell of cedar and sage playing in the air- the sun shining down on a herd of well fed, happy, and free mustangs living out their days in serendipity and peace.

Within the hands of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary, each and every mustang will be valued as a living being, as a soul, as a part of the collective whole of this diverse planet we all share. Their beauty will be appreciated and shared with others across the globe via social media, in hopes that we can collectively speak out and make a change in the management methods of the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and Reservation Mustang Management and work towards a new dawn- forging a path where these horses can be honored and respected, just as they deserve, instead of being rounded up in droves! 

I hope that you will come along with us on this journey, witnessing the glory that horses gift us when they feel safe enough to do so.

Together we can save so many hearts.

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If you want to know more about our plan of action, click here.


Kourtney Hardy