The Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary Vision


Imagine: Thousands of acres of beautiful wild land in Colorado. Blue mountain peaks in the distance, with rolling fields. The smell of cedar and sage playing in the air- the sun shining down on a herd of well fed, happy, and free mustangs living out their days in serendipity and peace.

That is my vision for Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary. I have always loved the beauty of Colorado's wilderness, but my love for horses always trumps all. I strive to provide as many horses as possible with a forever home!

Over 40,000 mustangs now sit in dirt holding facilities. Only around 3,000 are adopted out each year, Maning that most that are rounded up live the rest of their lives with no freedom to run, to play, or to express their magnificent spirits.


Since 2017 I have been running my e-commerce earring & body jewelry business, Spirit Adornments- working countless hours and saving for THIS vision.

We will be starting this mustang paradise with 160 acres near Durango Colorado, and with your help we will work to expand rapidly so that we can house as many of these gentle giants as possible, preserving their heritage and right to a free and happy life- instead of a life of standing in dirt holding pens and being treated like trash.


In 2022, Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary will be opening it's gates! I will be adopting younger mustangs, ages 2-10 to gentle and train (with only the most up-to-date an humane methods, using horse psychology, physiology, and elements of mindfulness and spirituality, and only to be started under saddle once they're fully developed- but that's a whole other story!). Once trained to be loyal and trusty partners these horses will then be placed in the care of highly vetted homes, who go through a training course with me to learn natural methods, and agree that they will never sell their beloved new family member. If they should need to re-home their Nirvana Mustang for any reason, the horse will be returned to us so that we can again find a suitable home. This ensures that I can make sure all handlers will give their partner the utmost respect and love, and that the Nirvana Mustangs will never end up in any bad situations.

Older mustangs, age 10+, or mustangs that are not suitable for domestic life will have the privilege of living out their days completely wild, with access to hay and emergency care from me as needed.


With an E-commerce background, I have big plans for a merch shop that allows my fellow mustang loving community to spread the word about saving these beautiful animals via T-shirts, stickers, mugs, tumblers, wall art, and more! Each design features American Mustangs with designs that have been hand-drawn by yours truly! (yes, one of my passions includes making art as well as horses!)

Every dollar of profit along with any donations will go towards saving as many mustangs as possible from spending their long life separated from their herds, sorted into dusty pens, existing as nothing but a number and a nuisance.

Within the hands of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary, each and every mustang will be valued as a living being, as a soul, as a part of the collective whole of this diverse planet we all share. Their beauty will be appreciated and shared with others across the globe via social media, in hopes that we can collectively speak out and make a change in the management methods of the Bureau of Land Management and work towards a new dawn- forging a path where these horses can be honored and respected, just as they deserve 💞 

With love and gratitude,

Kourtney Hardy 💕


Be sure to stay up to date with our progress over on my TikTok account, or on the Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary account! ☺️

"The free spirit, the strength, the unending pool of energy, and the wonderful nature of the horse touches the thoughts and lives of everyone who comes in contact with them."

- Unknown