#FenceForFreedom Fundraiser
#FenceForFreedom Fundraiser
#FenceForFreedom Fundraiser

#FenceForFreedom Fundraiser

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Our #FenceForFreedom Fundraiser is HERE, and it's BIG!!!

We have a match donation of $40,000 on the table! The deadline for donations to be matched has been extended until February 29th, 2023 🙌🏻

With YOUR help, we’ve done a LOT of fencing in our 2 years since opening, and together we’ve impacted a LOT of lives! 74 lives to be exact, thanks to each and every one of you lovely members of our Nirvana Family 🤯🐴🥰 That’s a LOT of good 👏🏻 BUT, we still have 80 acres of our sanctuary left unfenced and totally un-utilized! Last year for Giving Week, we were able to fence more of our acreage allowing 26 more lives to be changed!

This year for Giving Week, our goal is to raise all the funds we need to completely finish our sanctuaries infrastructure including all the remaining fencing, water lines, hay barn, and ponds to offer our sanctuary residents (both current & future) the BEST lives possible. With the remainder of our acreage fenced in, we’ll be able to save more mustangs who have nowhere else to turn and whose lives are in jeopardy 🐴 To us, each and every life is worth all the hard work of fencing & preparing the raw land, saving them, and nursing them back to health. Watching them THRIVE here with the herd makes all the blood sweat and tears of this crazy rescue world totally worth it. Without YOU GUYS, many of the horses that reside at Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary wouldn’t have ever had a chance at life at all. Any life…

We estimate the total costs of fencing & other improvements to be around $80,000. One of our most gracious supporters who has been with Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary on this journey from before we even moved up to Colorado from Texas or built our first pasture has offered to match every dollar given during Giving Week this year up to a whopping FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS‼️ that means EVERY dollar you give is DOUBLED ‼️ for DOUBLE the good for the mustangs we all care about so much🐴🐴

Are they worth it to you? If every one of our wonderful followers alone donated just $15, we could raise ALL the funds we need to complete this massive project and change MANY more lives ❤️ Can you help us #FenceForFreedom today?! 🐴

Here are several other ways you can make a donation:

Please indicate #FenceForFreedom in the notes!

Venmo: @Nirvana-Mustang-Sanctuary
Zelle: (936)661-7689
PayPal: info@nirvanamustangsanctuary.org
Cashapp: $NirvanaMustangSanct


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