Mustang Safe Fencing
Mustang Safe Fencing

Mustang Safe Fencing

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Why do we need funds for fencing?
Our sanctuary land is currently fenced with old, rusty, loose barbed wire. This is a HUGE risk for wild mustangs, so we will have to replace the fences for the entire property before any mustangs are able to enjoy the land!
The Current Fencing:
We are working to fence as much of our land as possible, as quickly as possible, with mustang safe fencing so we can take in more mustangs. We successfully raised $10,000 for our intake pasture last year on GoFundMe, and have since filled up to the capacity of our initial pasture.
There are dozens of mustangs out there, right now, in need of a soft place to land, so now we are working towards our second milestone- our first large pasture for the rewilded mustangs, to include a pond, rocky hills, grassy fields, and some beautiful wooded areas for the horses to enjoy!
We must get this pasture done in order to take in more of the mustangs in need. Here are just a FEW of the mustangs we have been contacted about taking, not counting the many that go through auctions/kill pens on a daily basis:
If you could be their hero, and donate any amount, they would be forever grateful to you!
It is $12/ft of fencing and we need 6,455 ft to complete our pasture.
*Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.
EIN: 87-6699274
Can I Donate in Other Ways?
You can also write a check to NIRVANA MUSTANG SANCTUARY and mail it to us at:
Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary
361 S Camino del Rio #144
Durango, Colorado 81303
OR you can donate through GoFundMe here.
Once I donate, how can I see the changes I have made at Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary?
You can see the profound changes you are making for mustangs in need by following us on social media!