Help Us Save Mustangs in Need

Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary will be adopting four to eight mustangs in 2022. We aim to offer a soft landing to those mustangs truly in need- those left behind by their adopters, dumped in kill pens, the "un-trainables" and the "undesirables"!

In addition to re-wilding mustangs at the sanctuary, we will be training a few younger, willing mustangs using empathetic, relationship based training methods to help set up as many Mustangs a successful chance at life post round-up.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for the adoption/bail costs for the mustangs, transportation, and hay for them when they arrive home!

This fundraiser includes multiple items with custom artwork featuring the famous Sand Wash Basin mustang, Picasso. Picasso was an icon of the American Mustang throughout his life, and his legacy deserves to live on- so he has been chosen as our first featured Collector's Artwork!