Help us Offer Sanctuary to The Displaced Alpine 5!

These 5 beautiful Alpine Wild Horses were pulled from the US Forest Service contractor Rail Lazy H's obscure auction by our partner Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and were set to go to a large sanctuary with their entire family! Before it was time to transport the mares & fillies, the sanctuary became full and could no longer offer them a forever home.

We agreed to take all 5 displaced Alpine Wild Horses in, but we need YOUR help covering these deserving horse's care costs. The group of 5 will arrive home to Nirvana very soon with your help!

By sponsoring an Alpine Wild Horse, you become a long distance adopter of the horse! They get to live here at Nirvana, free and reunited with the 45 other Alpine Wild Horses that call Nirvana home for LIFE, and you, as their sponsor, get to be a HERO to a real life wild horse, receive special sponsor only merch, printed photos of your horse, as well as monthly updates on your chosen mustang(s) adventures here at the sanctuary!

Every sponsor also gets to submit a name for their chosen horse(s). Click the horse's photo that you want to sponsor, select your support tier, and then click "Donate Now". Then you will check out and you can drop your name suggestion in the comments section! Any person who becomes a Diamond Tier Sponsor will get to name their gorgeous Alpine Wild Horse outright.