Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary Update August 2021

On July 30th 2021 my husband and I signed the paperwork to officially close on 160 acres west of Durango Colorado to be the home of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary! You can imagine how happy these icons will be living out their days in safety & harmony here.

 When the majestic mustangs are home, running free against the mountain backdrop under wide open skies, living the life they deserve, I will be so happy to share their beauty and happiness with you all. My husband and I are beyond excited for this opportunity to save as many mustangs as possible from their dusty holding pen fate, and the timing could not be of more importance! We are more than halfway through 2021 and many mustangs have lost their freedom this year alone, with more round ups still to come through the second half of this year. At the end of 2020 there were 50,000 mustangs sitting in government holding facilities, and now there are already over 60,000 being held in small dirt pens separated from their families with no space to run.

We are striving to be able to bring our first horses to the sanctuary as soon as the snow melts in early 2022. In order to do this, we need your help! The property is currently fenced with 3 strand barbed wire, which is a safety hazard for wild horses as they do not understand this type of fencing.

My husband and I will be removing the old fence and rebuilding a new structurally sound & safe fence around the entire property. Since we are doing it ourselves to save cost, the process of fencing 160 acres will take around 6 months! In order to begin saving horses by our goal date in early 2022 we are going to fence a 13 acre piece to bring the horses into initially, and then we will release them onto the 160 acres as soon as the entire fence is finished. This will allow us time to make sure all of the horses get along, have no health issues, are sound and well fed before they have free range of the sanctuary.

With that being said, we need help to purchase the fencing materials! It is going to cost us around $16,000 in materials to fence the 13 acres safely for wild horses. If you would like to make a difference in these mustangs lives, there are a variety of ways that you can help! We have shirts, cups, and hats available on our website where all profits are donated to the fencing costs, you can donate through our website, or you can join our Patreon and become fully involved with each and every step along the journey of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary.

If you can't support us financially, you can still help! Please spread the word, share our website on your social media accounts and to your horse advocate friends!

The mustangs and I thank you so much,

Kourtney Hardy, founder of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary