Meet Mustang Deni!

Deni is a beautiful dun 6 year old mare! She's got a thick dorsal stripe, a stripe on her shoulder, and some unique leg striping. We are unsure of her original HMA at this time, but we hope to find out and come back with that information later. Deni was given sanctuary by her owner, who was downsizing her herd.

Our first priority with Deni is to get some weight on her- she has ribs showing and is pretty thin overall. She has some issues with her stifle- it gets stiff and sore. We will be working to rehab that and provide any care she needs to live pain free.

Deni was "cowboy" broke by someone getting on her back from their horses back, and is said to really enjoy being out on trails. We will see how she gets along once we address her weight and stifle. Once she is healthy we will turn her out so she can be a part of a herd and enjoy a natural lifestyle.

Deni is an absolute sweetheart. She never feels like she's had enough scratches and will follow you around for hours asking for them if you'll allow it! I had to take her sponsorship photos from outside of her pen because I could not keep her far enough away from me to be able to see her in the camera lense if I was in there with her!

Because of how sweet she is we feel she would be a great & definitely a willing candidate for our future horse therapy program we are working to put together for those who could benefit from having some mustang magic in their life!

We are so grateful to have Deni here at Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary and we cannot wait to see how she transforms with time!

Deni is available for sponsorship here.