Meet Mustang Juniper!

We were contacted by a local trainer, letting us know that this beautiful bay roan mustang was free to a good home.

Meet Juniper

He was going to be trained as a riding horse for one of the best local outfits that offers horseback rides to the public, but he remained very reactive during his initial training with them and the owners thought he would benefit from a gentle hand. He has been round penned, haltered and tied, but be doesn’t lead and he certainly shows lots of stress indicators about being touched or even approached, so we’ll be starting from scratch with him and also showing his whole training process on YouTube- in order to promote using kind training methods based on empathy, relationship, and trust that leave the mustang’s wild spirit intact while allowing them to enjoy human connection. Our hope is to inspire others to adopt mustangs by having a few “ambassador” mustangs, and Juniper fits the bill and is willing to connect💞

Of course, he will have the choice to join in and be trained or not, so we will see what he chooses!

He came to the outfit from a neglect situation- when they picked up Juniper and two other mustangs they were as skinny as skeletons!

He has already put on quite a bit of weight since then, but we look forward to seeing his body and mind transform as he puts on a few more hundred pounds and really fills out!

He is really open to connecting with humans, despite his previous training experiences. As I was taking these photos, he came over to me three times really wanting to give me a sniff, but wasn’t confident he could do it and backed off.

Juniper is all mane, and has quite the personality! He has such kind eyes, and they’re already beginning to soften since he arrived.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this kind guy!