November 2023 Sanctuary Update!

November was an incredible month! On top of the memories from November is the announcement of our partnership with the Dogwood Veteran Project. We are working together with them to secure horses for the equine therapy portion of their project which assists veterans with PTSD in healing their traumas and reclaiming their lives. We are working to find willing & suitable mustangs for the project, and in November we brought home the very first one- an Arizona reservation mustang named Sangria! She is so beautiful and so willing to partner with a human. Her white eyelashes are the most beautiful accent to her large brown eyes and she always has loose lips and a soft expression. Even though the is trained, she retains that WILD spirit just as we like to see!! You can learn more about the Dogwood Veteran Project at



The end of November was the kickoff of our Giving Week Fundraiser, #FenceForFreedom! Our goal was to fundraise for the fencing of our remaining 80 acres so the whole of the sanctuary land can be utilized for wild mustangs in need. We raised over $10,00 during giving week, and announced that one of our most generous donors has offered us a $40,000 match donation offer! They have graciously given us until the end of January to hit the match! Once we hit the match we will have all the funds needed to fence our remaining acreage!! If you could spare any amount to help with this endeavor, the horses would greatly thank you, and you can donate HERE!

The very first snowstorm of this year’s winter showed in this month as well!! The horses love to frolic in it, though we had hoped it would hold off until late January by some miracle (haha yeah right!)

The last major accomplishment for November was the beginning of the construction of our much needed HAY BARN which will store all the hay we need for the winter months safely and out of the weather! We look forward to getting it finished and filling it up with hay!