Meet the Majestic Wild Horses: A Journey into Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary Part 1

I am thrilled to introduce you to the magnificent horses of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary pasture by pasture, herd by herd! We are home to 65 rescued mustangs, each with their own unique story and personality. They live in harmony within their herds, each pasture a testament to their resilience and spirit. First on our introduction list is our initial group of Alpine Wild Horses! These majestic creatures are a sight to behold, embodying the true essence of freedom and wilderness. But here's the best part - YOU can become a part of their journey! By becoming a sponsor, you're not just donating, you're adopting from a distance. Your sponsored horse gets to live out their days in freedom, surrounded by their family, right here at our sanctuary. And you? You become a vital part of their life, making a real difference to a wild horse that could have faced a tragic fate. As a sponsor, you'll receive monthly updates on your horse's adventures, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and so much more! It's not just about giving, it's about becoming a part of our Nirvana Family. Ready to make a difference? Join us today at Let's create a haven for these beautiful creatures together. After all, we are their voice, their hope, and their future.

——— ABOUT THE ALPINE WILD HORSES The beloved Alpine Wild Horses of the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona are under attack. After the Forest Service announced a complete removal of the entire herd of 400 horses from the hundred thousand acre forest area in 2022 there have been multiple shooters running rampant around the forest and shooting any horse they can find. In the latest shooting in October 2022, 40 horses were found dead and an additional 15 horses were missing and presumed dead. There were also multiple horses injured with gunshots and still alive, wondering why they fell victim to such a madman in their typically peaceful forest home. So far over 200 Alpine Wild Horses have been rounded up. In the latest round ups in the summer of 2023, members of the Alpine Wild Horse Herd have been found with broken legs, dumped off the sides of the road near the "trapsite" that the contractor Rail Lazy H is using the round up this historic herd. The contractor dumped their bodies after stressing them so much inside of the trap they break their legs by crashing into the panels trying to escape. Once injured, the horses are then shot. In one case, a mare with a broken leg was shot in the lungs and left to die an agonizing death hours later at a site where her body was found far from where she was shot. The Alpine Wild Horses have called the high altitude forests of Alpine, Arizona home for many years. The Arizona state historian even verified that these majestic horses are remnants of Spanish horses left behind from Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado's expedition through the area in the 1540's! They are quite literally living history, and deserve to be honored and preserved as such! Unfortunately, the interests and sway of the local welfare ranchers who pay under $2 per month to graze one cow on public land far outweigh the locals admiration of the Alpine Wild Horses and ultimately the horses will be removed to allow more grass for the ranchers cattle. By sponsoring an Alpine Wild Horse through this link you ensure that the legacy of these graceful animals will live on, even when there are zero Alpine Wild Horses left in the wild. Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary is permanently home to 45 Alpine Wild Horses!