Fence More Acreage for the Alpine Wild Horses
Fence More Acreage for the Alpine Wild Horses
Fence More Acreage for the Alpine Wild Horses
Fence More Acreage for the Alpine Wild Horses
Fence More Acreage for the Alpine Wild Horses

Fence More Acreage for the Alpine Wild Horses

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We need your help to fence 50 acres JUST for the current and future Alpine Wild Horses of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary. More auctions will come in the spring and we need to be ready to help!

There are 22 reasons to give- Alzena, Silky, Raina, Azura, Aditi, Amira, Phoinix, Aster, Midnight, Muddy, Misty, Rosy, Creek, Nirvana, Fauna, Flora, Marshmallow, Willow, Iris, Cypress, Santana, and Colorado; our current 22 Alpine Wild Horses that we have rescued from kill buyers in the public auction they were all subjected to.

We have match donations once we hit each of these milestones:

- $500 by Lisa Brown when we hit $500 COMPLETED by 9:00am Nov 29

- $1,000 by Peg Just when we hit $2,000 COMPLETED by 1:40pm Nov 29

- $20,000 by Carol Connolly when we hit $20,000 COMPLETED by 12pm Dec 3rd

- $1,500 by Shiva Norton COMPLETED by 8pm Jan 5th

-$1,000 by Anonymous Donor COMPLETED by Jan 14th 6:00pm

Read on to learn about why we are raising these funds and what changes your contributions make for the future of the historic Alpine Wild Horses.

The Alpine Wild Horses of the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest in eastern Arizona have been the subject of brutal massacres throughout 2022. The latest massacre in October 2022 totaled 44 horses dead, plus multiple wounded and left living, including a palomino stallion who was shot in the face but still took two orphaned foals under his wing until he disappeared a few weeks later, presumably succumbing to his wounds. 11 horses are still missing, and tragic events like this leave family bands shattered.

The entire Alpine Wild Horse herd consisted of around 400 horses in 2021- since, 151 have been rounded up, 44 have been shot, 11 are missing and the rest of the herd is STILL slated for complete removal by the US Forest Service, with bait and capture round ups that have begun earlier this year. Right now there are only around 200 left in the wild, and on December 13th, 2022 the round up contract was EXTENDED to include ALL Alpine Wild Horses be rounded up by March 17th, 2023.

We have SUCH little time to save so many Alpine Wild Horses!!

The Alpine Wild Horses are descendants of Spanish horses brought along on Fransisco  Vasquez de Coronado's expedition through their home area in Arizona in the 1540's, making them LIVING HISTORY!

There have been ten auctions of the Alpine Wild Horses so far, and we have so far able to offer sanctuary to TWENTY TWO Alpine Wild Horses thanks to a beautiful team effort with the livelihood of these horses at its core. Many of the Alpines we brought home to Nirvana were in the same bands in the wild, so we are thrilled to reunite them and keep them together!

Now, Chargers Band of ten was already saved from the first December auction and are fostering at 4 Hooves Ranch with Tommy & Terry until we get this fencing completed in the spring and then we will bring them here to the sanctuary.

Also fostering over at Tommy & Terry's are the last five members or Greer's band! They are the family of our Flora, Fauna, Rosy, Creek, Iris, Colorado, and Cypress.

Here are some of our Alpine Wild Horse Herd enjoying their life here at Nirvana!

Alpine Wild Horses from Arizona

We need your help to help MORE of the Alpine Wild Horses who are awaiting their turn in the public auctions come spring!!

We have 140 acres STILL available at our sanctuary, WE JUST NEED TO FENCE MORE ACREAGE and we can help more of these special wild horses.

Since we have brought in so many Alpine Wild Horses, we have decided that our first 50 acre pasture will be dedicated to the Alpine Horses, and will be officially deemed the "Alpine Pasture". 

Our plan is to raise the funds we need to fence the whole pasture over the winter, and have the pasture built FIRST THING when the snow melts in the spring. We will also be repairing the pond this in the pasture- the dam is busted but once fixed it will hold water and will be a great feature for the horses to enjoy! We will have to work HARD to reach this lofty goal!!! Together we can do it 💪🏻 💪🏻

If you can, please donate to help us create a big forever home for these deserving, historic mustangs, whose family has been massacred ❤️

We were able to raise all of the funds for our first small "Alpine Pasture" which was successfully constructed and is housing all of the Alpines for the winter months! in the picture above you see the initial #divine9alpines grazing happily! For the Alpine Wild Horses 50 acre pasture's fencing and improvements, we need to raise $50,000.

Can you help us make this paradise a reality for our current 22 Alpine Wild Horses, and the 16 we aim to bring here in the spring?!