Build the Alpine Wild Horse's Forever Home
Build the Alpine Wild Horse's Forever Home

Build the Alpine Wild Horse's Forever Home

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The Alpine Wild Horses of the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest in eastern Arizona have been the subject of brutal massacres throughout 2022. The latest massacre in October 2022 totaled 38 horses dead and over 15 missing, leaving bands shattered, missing members, and even leaving foals orphaned.

The entire herd consisted of around 400 horses, and even though 80 have been rounded up and 38 have been sot, the rest of the herd is slated for complete removal by the US Forest Service, with bait and capture round ups that have begun earlier this year.

There have been three auctions so far, and we have so far able to offer sanctuary to NINE Alpine Wild Horses thanks to a beautiful team effort with the livelihood of these horses at its core. Three of the mares were in the same band in the wild, so we are thrilled to keep them together!

BUT we need your help to Help MORE of the Alpine Wild Horses who are awaiting their turn in the public auction!!

We have 140 acres available at our sanctuary, WE JUST NEED TO FENCE MORE ACREAGE and we can help more of these special wild horses.

We also need to build a nice big shelter in each pasture, as well as stock up on hay for the winter!

We will have to work HARD to get at least one more pasture finished for more Alpine Wild Horses before winter hits!!! We can do it 💪🏻 💪🏻

If you can, please donate to help us create a forever home for these deserving mustangs, whose family has been massacred ❤️

We were able to raise all of the funds for our first "Alpine Pasture" which is being constructed right now! For the Alpine Wild Horses next pasture's fencing and shelter, we need to raise $10,000.