Meet Sundancer: Training a Mustang- From Wild to Willing Partner Ep. 1

Watch Kourtney Hardy, founder of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary, gentle and train Sundancer- a 3 year old untouched wild BLM mustang out of Lost Creek HMA in Wyoming.

In this series, I am bringing you empathy and relationship based training principles and fundamentals that anyone can practice, with any horse. Watch the whole "From Wild to Willing Partner" series for an in depth understanding of how we can better communicate with, and train our horses in a gentle and loving way- creating lasting connection and a relationship that both us and our equine parters will feel good about.

This series details the horse training processes that Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary uses to gentle, train, and prepare the mustangs that come through our training program for domestic life, in order to raise awareness, help find homes for many of the mustangs that end up in kill pens each year, and facilitate more adoptions of the nearly 80,000 mustangs in BLM holding.

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What's the deal with mustangs?

Choosing a mustang from the BLM adoption event

What is Disposition?

What is Confirmation?

Meet Sundancer!