URGENT FUNDRAISER for Two Mustang Mares
URGENT FUNDRAISER for Two Mustang Mares
URGENT FUNDRAISER for Two Mustang Mares

URGENT FUNDRAISER for Two Mustang Mares

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TWO mustang mares are at RISK of shipping for slaughter THIS SUNDAY 3/10!!

UPDATE: Mares have been bailed, but we must secure the rest of the necessary funds in order to bring them home by WEDNESDAY 3/13!!!

One is an older mare who is exposed and very likely pregnant though she is far too skinny and has ribs and hips protruding!

The other is merely two years old and by far does not deserve to die a horrible fate at such a young age..

We are prepared to offer these three (including baby!) deserving and sweet souls who are currently so uncertain about their future a LIFETIME of care and priceless safety here at Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary, but we need YOUR HELP to make it happen!! There is so much more to responsible rescue than just paying the horse's bail.... we must get them quarantined, healthy, back to a good weight, and set them up for a lifetime of success.

To save these mustangs we need to raise $11,105 for the list of necessary components (see second photo for itemized list!!) to make these two mares and the unborn babies rescue, rehab, and happily ever after here at Nirvana a SUCCESS. CAN WE DO THIS?! 💪🏻

But that's not all! We also need some pure mustang heroes to step up and sponsor the monthly hay bill for both of these deserving souls, ensuring they can enjoy a LIFETIME of care and love here at Nirvana. Sponsors are like long distance adopters of a specific horse living in peace here at Nirvana and are the essential backbone of how we are able to do what we do and make tangible change in the lives. ofso many mustangs who face perilous situations! If you are interested in sponsoring the pregnant mare, click here. To sponsor the 2 year old click here.

CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR THEM NIRVANA MUSTANG ANGELS?! 🙌🏻 We only have until WEDNESDAY 3/13!!!! I KNOW we can do this, together!!!!


Here are several other ways you can make a donation:

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Venmo: @Nirvana-Mustang-Sanctuary
Zelle: (936)661-7689
PayPal: info@nirvanamustangsanctuary.org
Cashapp: $NirvanaMustangSanct


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