MISSION: Save 2 Mustangs from the McLean TX Kill Pen

Help us get these mustangs out of the kill pen and HOME to Nirvana where they will experience a life of peace & happiness!

This mare holds a special place in our hearts- she was used over & over as a recipient mare- meaning she carried & birthed babies every year that were not hers, and that were all taken from her. Many horses find themselves being used in this way so that breeders can produce more than one foal from a certain mare/stud combination using the mare's eggs OR so that the mare can continue to work or compete and the human's goals with the horse will not be "hindered" by a pregnancy. After she was used so many times, now she finds herself homeless and on the brink of shipping to slaughter- a heartbreaking situation 💔

The gelding is 11 and was born in the Paul's Valley Oklahoma BLM Holding facility in 2013, so he has never ever had the opportunity to run free. How heartbreaking to think he has never experienced such freedom! Since he was adopted in 2018, he has likely been passed from home to home where they worked on his training. It's quite obvious from his photos that he is not too keen on being handled and still has quite a lot of fear around humans! What a blessing it would be to offer him sanctuary and a herd to run free with once again.


- $200 in monthly sponsorships for each horse! As a sponsor, you become a long distance adopter of the mustang(s) you choose and get to enjoy personal updates, sponsor only events and a beautiful thank you package while these ladies and their babies get to enjoy LIFE in sanctuary! (Sponsorship donations cover the cost of quality all-they-can-eat hay on a monthly basis!) Sponsor the grey mare HERE. Sponsor the gelding HERE.

- $8,000 raised through the one-time fundraiser! This covers these mustangs transport, quarantine, feed, and EVERY essential needed to get them healthy and prepare them BOTH for a long & healthy life! Make a one time donation HERE.

Please donate if you can at all, every single dollar adds up! It is only thanks to people like YOU that we are able to do this important work and change the lives of mustangs who find themselves in the absolute worst situations!